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  • The Traditions of Memorial Day

    The Traditions of Memorial Day

    31 May 2018

    Monday the 28th of May saw the USA celebrate Memorial Day, an annual American holiday which serves to honour the memory of the military men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces.

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  • The Isle of Man

    The Isle of Man

    24 May 2018

    On Wednesday we both got the train to Heysham and boarded the ferry to Douglas, there was a Great Rail Journeys group on the ferry...

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  • Pizza of the World

    Pizza of the World

    17 May 2018

    The bastion of the takeaway world, loved by food snobs and the uncaring alike, pizza is (in my humble opinion), the best possible food to eat at anytime, anywhere.

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  • The trains of the future

    The trains of the future

    16 May 2018

    Welcome to the future! Please leave your slow trains, your outdated tickets and your rackety old carriages at the door.

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