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Rail Discoveries... What's in a name?

Glacier Express

Many of our customers will know our company by its former name, Treyn, but after talking to our customers, especially people who had not experienced our holidays before, we found that our old name lacked the excitement that we should all feel about taking a holiday and for some the name Treyn was confusing. So, we asked people their views about our brand and when we looked at their comments we saw that whilst our tours were as popular as ever our name was not representing us as well as it could.

Rail Discoveries is the new name that was chosen by our customers for our customers and we are really excited by their choice - it says so much more about what we do and what a rail holiday is all about.

With the launch of Rail Discoveries we're pleased to offer you our extended programme of tours with a collection of additional products and services that will enhance your holiday experience - the convenience of afternoon Eurostar departures, conveniently located hotels, a new programme of post-holiday extensions to make the most of your new Worldwide holidays and the choice of All inclusive tours and FLY:RAIL holidays. But Rail Discoveries also gives you the reassurance of the expertise, experience and people behind Treyn - the same carefully planned itineraries, inclusive value and professional Tour Managers that help make your holiday what you want it to be.


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